Attack Girl's Swim Team vs. The Undead

Get ready for the worst first week of school EVER! No sooner has beautiful young Aki stepped on campus than she’s pressed into service replacing a girl beat up by the swim team’s over zealous male instructor. Next a psycho scientist sent in to inoculate the luscious young student bodies against a new virus makes a little error in judgment, resulting in a not-so-little flesh-eating zombie problem. Now, with most of the school and all of the teachers running amuck, eating each other, having rabid sex and juggling, it’s up to Aki and her new found allies on the Girls Swim Team to send these monsters to the shower scenes! There’s blood, gore and hot girls galore in the gorehouse pulp extravaganza Asian Cult Cinema says gives Dead Alive, Evil Dead and Zombie a serious run for their money, ATTACK GIRLS’ SWIM TEAM VS THE UNDEAD! 

Unrated - VAN
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