About Switchblade Pictures

Switchblade Pictures is dedicated to bringing the wildest and most unique Japanese cinema to North America. Titles currently in release include the acclaimed zombie features Attack Girls Swim Team Vs. The Undead and Zombie Hunter Rika, the outrageous DEKOTORA lady trucker saga that launched with Big Bad Mama-San andSmokey & The Bushidoand an ever expanding selection of films that break, bend and cross-pollinate the Ninja/Martial Arts, Horror, Women In Prison and Erotic Thriller film genres.

In a world where many big budget features seem to have been generated by the same computer that created their visual effects, Switchblade Pictures gets back to the basics with wild action and insane plots. Are our releases as polished as the big studio fluff? No, but they aim to entertain and they’re ready to bend over backwards, forwards and into every imaginable anatomically impossible position to do so! Politically incorrect, chock full of nudity, violence and other things that you might not feel comfortable watching with your grandparents in the room, our films frequently break the rules of civilized behavior. But, then again, some rules were made to be broken, right?