Nihombie! Zombie Trilogy

Get ready for the wildest, most insane, and incredibly over the top zombie fest ever as the all three feature films in the infamous “NIHOMBIE” saga come together in a single DVD so incredible that it could raise the dead… if they weren’t already running around Japan like frat boys at an all you can drink kegger! The action begins with the mind-boggling ATTACK GIRLS’ SWIM TEAM VS THE UNDEAD – when their school and the teachers start eating each other, having rabid sex and juggling, it’s up to Aki and her new found allies on the Girls Swim Team to send these monsters to the shower scenes! Then a routine training mission for the Japanese Self-Defense Force becomes a blood soaked battle for survival when radiation from a crashed flying saucer causes flesh eating zombies to burst from the earth like weeds across the rural countryside in ZOMBIE SELF DEFENSE FORCE! Finally, one SERIOUSLY ticked off Japanese schoolgirl cuts a path of revenge through the zombie hordes after a master warriors arm is grafted to her body in ZOMBIE HUNTER RIKKA! If you’re looking for exploitation film nirvana, look no further… it’s the COMPLETE NIHOMBIE TRILOGY!